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It is a place to indulge in soliloquy, or one that makes you whistle spontaneously, or one of those rare places you would choose, if given a choice as to where you would like to live for the rest of your life!

Himachal is situated in the heart of the western Himalayas in northern India. The state is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the North, Uttar Pradesh in the South-East, Haryana is in the South and Punjab is in the West. Himachal is located between 30"22' and 30"12' north latitude and between 75"47' and 79"4' east longitude. It is a mountainous state with altitudes ranging from 350 to 7,000 metres (1,050 ft. to 21,000 ft.) above the sea level.

A few facts about Himachal Pradesh

* Himachal Pradesh etymologically translates into 'snow clad' state - a region of glaciers, mountain passes and where the mighty Himalayas are at their best.
* The most beautiful and rarely heard lake in India - 'Chandratal' denotes 'Lake of the Moon'- is in Himachal -- beautiful, unknown and unique, quite obviously, because of the elevation you have to trek up there!
* This is the region that can boast of most beautiful saffron farms.
* Most important are the naturally preserved and developing parts of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

To cut a pretty long story sadly short, if you love the mountains and realise that it is beyond the visible ranges of other mountains that the Himalayas begin, then you can't help but visit Himachal!

Any one who is passionate about mountains and its pure environment is specially welcome:

Families looking for fun times :: Scholars interested in Himalayan vegetation studies :: People with artistic interests looking for solitude :: People interested in adventure and fun.


Being together has its own charm, there is something different for everyone and for all together. Our team is like a small family and that gives us reason to believe in the concept of togetherness - whatever we do in a group constitute the best memories to cherish - whether it is fun, or just time spent together - remember, for everyone of us our college days were the best - simply because we used to do everything together, this gave us a sense of fulfillment and when daily life becomes a chore for a family - for you, your spouse, and especially your children, then you need to spend some time outdoors to keep them interested in whatever they do. We are not into just planning your tour, but we make sure that we provide you with a group whose interests match yours and who are looking forward to spending some time the same way as you wish to. Along with planning your trip, we give personalised attention to every family member; say for example - games for your children - (a break from indoor computer games; it's going to be fun!) - help your kids to explore new things, new ideas, sparking of human instincts which open endless avenues to explore. For ladies we have cookery lessons from professional chefs, insight into local culture, including dresses, ornaments, and other gifts which will stay with the purchaser for ever- and above all time and attention just for you - isn't that what you all are missing in your family life?

For gentlemen, we have whatever you want to divert you from your routine life - go for a walk, just enjoy the company of other like-minded people in a recreational mood, or just join us for fishing. Why not try rafting, if you want more, just spend some time with Mother Nature and feel the difference.

Scholars interested in Himalayan vegetation studies

If you are the one who knows or wants to know more about nature through its vegetation, then Himachal is the right place. Just let us know what you are interested in: herbs, animal heritage, or climatic studies. We will suggest places and their importance for you after consulting experts working in those areas. We will also provide you with a guide from the related field, who will help you in exploring what you are looking for - we will bring together the right entities and persons at the right time, no efforts spared. If we are able to help you, then, together we will contribute towards bringing this place onto the world map.

People with artistic interests looking for contemplation in solitude

Himachal is so extraordinarily gifted by nature that it has been home for many world famous personalities - whenever someone asked them why they love to stay in Himachal - undoubtedly only one answer shot out - this is the place where proximity to nature and its simplicity fills you with ideas, emotions and love - all prerequisites for the creation of the artist - and this rule simply applies to everyone. This phenomenon is reflected well in local folk traditions, costumes, ornaments, food and handicrafts. All these have the power to raise your instincts to newer heights of creativity--- just try this experience, and find out for yourself!

Himachal is the best place to give your thoughts a new meaning, whether through literature, paintings, sculpture, or photography, the beauty of the Himalayas has inspired many and will keep on doing so - there is much more to Himachal which is very difficult to explain simply in words.

People interested in adventure and fun

Come on buddy, if you believe in adventure, then this is the perfect place for you - we've got everything, ranging from trekking, river rafting, rock climbing, or skiing - with all this what we don't compromise on is the security and safety of our clients - we are optimists with rain coats on! We promise that we will take you to those treks, which are different, and provide you with whatever you need.