Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions:

1. Booking
A duly completed Booking Form needs to be sent to us either by e-mail We, at Himalayan Rendezvous, screen every booking form to ensure that the participant complies with the preconditions of our tours. The booking will be confirmed only upon acknowledgement sent by us.

2. Deposits & Payments
An advance of 10% of the tour cost (non-refundable) must be made at the time of booking the tour, provided the booking is done at least 90 days in advance. 50% of the overall payment must be made 45 days prior to the tour departure.
Should the participant book the tour within 45 days of tour departure, 50% of cost price must be paid immediately upon acknowledgement of your application. Such booking is subject to availability.
The balance payment can be made within 15 days prior to the tour or as cash payment in Indian currency, before the start of our tour.

3. Cancellation, Amendments, Changes and Refunds
Booking made by a participant is transferable with a prior notice of 30 days before the tour date. The transferee must comply with all the terms and conditions as applicable to the transferor. The costs to be incurred by us to affect such transfer must be reimbursed before start of the tour.
If up to 30 days prior to start of the tour, the number of registered participants does not meet the minimum requirement for us to operate that tour; we reserve the right to cancel the tour. In such case your payment will be refunded in full.
In the event of vagaries of the weather, natural calamities, adverse local conditions, prevailing political climate or various other unavoidable circumstances beyond human control, which are detrimental to the participant, we may need to make changes to our tour itineraries. Such changes will always be, eventually, at our sole discretion and no refund considered in the event of such changes. Moreover, no refund will be considered should the participant refuse to accept these changes.
The participant is required to report for the tour strictly as per the itineraries. Any failure to do so shall result in cancellation and no refund will be considered.
However, rescheduling, if done, is subject to availability. All the costs incurred for such rescheduling must be borne by the participant.
We make all endeavors to maintain the costs published in the itinerary are accurate as possible. However, due to unavoidable factors to maintain the same, we reserve the right to amend our prices up to the date of departure, in the event of significant exchange rate fluctuation, increased fuel costs, taxes, insurance policies or increases in the costs charged by ground operators.

Standard Cancellation Fee Structure:
Upto 90 days prior to tour departure : 25%
89 to 45 days prior to tour departure : 50%
44 to 08 days prior to tour departure : 75%
07 days prior to tour departure : 90%
Non-participation/No Show : 100%
4. Insurance

The cost of our tour does not include insurance. We insist that you subscribe to a comprehensive travel, health and accident insurance plan well before leaving your country, which is mandatory for all participating in our tours.
You must furnish the photocopies of all the documents pertaining to your insurance plans as a proof for you to be able to participate in our tours. 5. Health, Passport, visa, regulation

The participant shall ensure that he/she has taken all medical precautions including but not restricted to vaccinations. If you suffer from severe asthma or high blood pressure or muscular, chest, respiratory or heart disorders, we strongly advise you against participating in this tour. The cost of tour does not include any expenses pertaining to your passport, visa, excess baggage or incidental daily expenditure of a personal nature whilst on the trip, other than those offered by us.

6. Privacy Policy Himalayan Rendezvous reserves the right (copyrights) to reproduce the photographs, videos taken during the tour on its web site, brochures and/or any other form of communication for advertising, sales and marketing purposes.
Customers who can be recognized in our photos or videos shall not charge any commission or royalty to us for using these in our promotional, sales and marketing communications. However, all the information of the participants will be kept confidential unless legally required.
We promise not to share the information of participants with third parties for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, unless legally required. However, you may choose to receive promotional offers from our affiliates.

7. Dispute All disputes will be decided in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh city court