People and Culture

We, the natives of Himalayas can define ourselves agrarian; that keeps us close to Nature and in terms of economy - our of needs are matched by the available natural resources. As a visitor, you will have a chance to see a culture which, though modern, is still anchored in the past through its religion and sociocultural institutions.

Main tourism circuits in Himalayas are well known but there are remote and pristine places, those many undiscovered spots with unspoilt charm worth a visit for a life time of memorable experience.

Since our mission boasts of closeness to Nature, we are inclined to offer those places which are lesser known parts of the Himalayan region. Thus we have selected very few places, keeping in mind the main objective of our organisation, to offer experiences not known to many others, in serene and peaceful settings. Taking you off the beaten paths also affords us a better opportunity to serve you more effectively and provide you more a personalised guidance.