Eco Tourism/Wildlife

A new era of nature enjoyment and learning

The Himachal state is keen to provide better opportunities to visitors to enjoy its natural beauty and cultural heritage and aims to allow the use of its infrastructure for the benefit of the tourists.

The State Forest Department alone manages more than 400 forest bungalows located at vantage points across the length and breadth of the State. It also manages a 5,000 kilometers long network of bridle paths and inspection trails crisscrossing through the most beautiful forests of the State. This gives visitors a myriad of opportunities to trek across mountain passes to remote temples, crystal clear lakes, and traditional villages. These facilities beckon the young and the old alike to come and enjoy the best of Himachal Pradesh in all its splendor. 'Nature Parks' are also being developed to provide tourists an experience of self sustainable and culturally sensitive region.

To suit all ages and physiques, the eco-treks have been categorized into easy, moderately difficult, and adventurous treks.

Come explore the Himalayas and find out how you want your aim to be merged with ours to contribute something positive to bringing our place to the world map!