Food for Thought

The Himalayas are so extraordinarily gifted by nature that they have been home to and inspiration for many world famous personalities - whenever someone asked them why they love to stay in Himachal - undoubtedly only one answer shot out - this is the place where closeness to Nature and simplicity fills you with ideas, emotions, and love - all prerequisites for the creation of artists - and this simply applies to everyone. This phenomenon is reflected well in local folk traditions, costumes, ornaments, and food. These all have the power to raise your instincts to newer heights of creation - just try this experience, and find out for yourself.

The Himalaya is the best place to give your thoughts a new meaning, whether through literature, paintings, sculpture, or photography, the beauty of the Himalayas has inspired many and will keep doing so - there is much more to Himachal which is very difficult to explain simply in words.