About us

In the fast and complex world of today where people are totally involved in a continuous pursuit of growth irrespective of their paths - what they really miss is peace - and a natural way of life.

Being with Nature is a dream of persons who were fortunate enough to spend some part of their childhood in those places where nature is in its original, pristine state - serene, peaceful, and above all, simply beautiful - quite rare features of today's jet set life. Till date, that memory provides us with calmness and energy to keep moving in this fast, complex world. It's such an indescribable soothing experience - and expressing this in words is difficult. Perhaps even more inexplicable are the yearnings of those who have never experienced being in such places, but who feel driven to leave the urban world behind and partake of a lost paradise!

Please accept this invitation from Himalayan Rendezvous to come and share that experience which is based on both, in our belief and our passion. Our objective - more than that - our dream - is to provide a memorable experience of a lifetime, unique to each individual, as quietly as the silence in the mountains, at the foothills of the Himalayas. This region is better known as the Valley of the Gods - blessed by Nature with its best resources - and many unexplored places which have not been unseen upto now nor experienced. Build memories of a journey to cherish throughout life, providing a calmness and peace, which will enrich the way you live.

As one travel writer expressed it, "In a sly way, this heavenly place makes it clear what a high point of a trek really means. I have returned to Lutyen's Delhi and even while I drive through the polluted fumes of development, my eyes momentarily close and play back the memory of a path on the green bank of a turbulent river, across the wonder of more than twenty glaciers, myriad clouds that block the trail with an ephemeral quality all their own; and then a mirrored sheen of peace, with more than twenty snow clad soldiers protectively encircling the magic called Chandratal".

It is exactly this kind of experience we would like to give you! Wherever you will be afterwards, just close your eyes, remember and get mesmerized by that beauty, whenever you want a break from your monotonous routine.